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How to get at a chart's essential struggle.

In 5 seconds or less:

Note the house of, and sabian symbol for, the Black Moon Lilith.

Make up a story about "The Struggle for [insert house slogan here]"

Tell yourself a story about the sabian symbol in that house, in that struggle.

Look at the dispositors for the house and sign to fill in the details. BML, Black Moon Lilith, represents the Venus/Mars Synthesis. People take it for granted as that's the line of internal valuation. Check it out, representing the what and the how, BML is where the rubber meets the road and usually will clearly speak clearly to assumptions about the client's Modus Operandi.

Your client may feel overwhelmed with an interpretation of what they don't want to know. So I recommend you use this concept simply as a marker to what the client's real question is;

Delineate with BML on the AC to explore how the rest of the chart incorporates it. The natal AC becomes 'what the AC is after' from the BML struggle perspective. Suddenly you have an entirely more comprehensible picture of your client's aims.

BML is to the mundane what the Nodes are to the heavenly. Try it on the AC for charts where you're missing a birth-time.

Michael Ax
Mar 8th 2006







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