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Michael Ax
Consulting Astrologer


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About Michael Ax:

Michael is a student of Zoltan Mason's and developed Integral Astrology to bridge the reading of the physical, psychological, intellectual and conceptual worlds from the foundations learned as AstroSynthesis about 20 years ago.

Michael offers integral/alchemical insight into charts, energies, processes and timing. He explores your perspectives and options in and on life with you and can act as your tour-guide through a rare depth of understanding and attention.

Says Alan Oken: "The man knows his astrology."

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Contacting Michael Ax:

Michael Ax
Integral Family Astrology of Santa Fe

phone: (505) 349-8207
skype: callto://michaelax
email: ax@sonic.net

My Office is at:
109 Romero Street
Santa Fe, NM  87501

On your way to "The Ark" Bookshop. (map)


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Michael's Services:

I do many kinds of charts each day and in all of them there is a unity. Once I've found and explored this unity by myself or with the client, the tensions and flows of the chart and situation take us to where we need to go in a consultation. In speaking with you, your needs ultimately determine what we need to do, and I let my experience and intuition guide us through the Astro-Logical message of the session.

more about my services here

Contact me by skype, phone (505) 349-8207, or email.


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Michael's Articles:

Fundamental Astrology:

How to get a chart's elemental orientation
Reading the 'anchoring sign' and determining the likely order in which the preferences inside a chart will unfold.

How to get at a chart's essential struggle
Using BML as a 5 second key into the almost any chart.

How to 'work' the zodiac
A how-to guide to 'getting' what the signs are about internally.

What is Electricity
A follow-up on a presentation about the electrical nature of the Zodiac.

Not so fundamental Astrology:

Here is where you find my earlier work on the zodiac.
I've been working on making this very geeky material
into something you would actually want to read. For now,
Travel here at your own risk

more about my articles and projects here

I invite your comments.


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Michael's Links:

If you're curious, take a look at
Michael's chart, flows, photos

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Ralph Marston's Daily Motivator

Astral Projection and Dreaming:
From the psychic underground: The DreamHackers Teachings
The SaltCube: Sane Guidance to OOB's and distance work (links)

Energy Work:
Reiki.org.. where else would you start?

Jeffrey Thompson's enlightened audio-support
Robert Monroe's pioneering legacy programs












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