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How to 'work' the Zodiac.
'Work' as in 'psst, life is participatory'.

Its all very simple when you know about the Seasons..

Take the Seasons and the Signs, break 'em down to elements and modes, add real life science, shake and bake, and you too can see what an astrologer usually, implicitly takes for granted about the signs; that is, his or her knowledge about how they are constituated internally, what they care about, how they react.

You might have to sit with this one-page user manual for a while, but THINKING about the sign in terms of their components, will more or less teach you another way of qualitative interpretation, and one that's not that alien for an astrologer to begin with.

Enjoy this intro to another way of relating to the zodiac!

Three ways to imagine, 'do art',
be 'in time' or express intention:

FIRE by Water
Mind^2 / Matter
- Think intensely about ever smaller components of something and as you do, pay attention to the stories that connect the layers. (Look at a leaf and tell the story of the branch and tree and how the leaf got to you the way it is.)

EARTH of Fire
Matter * Emotion^2
- Move an object, objects or you self until the scene and the setting of it feels completely right. Making the house and yard a piece of art, arranging an altar, using feminine sensibilities, living sturdy hospitality.

AIR of Fire
Mind * Emotion
- Go with the flow. Recognize and support the silent inner sense of connection between things. Make poetry in motion, nothing can stop you. Communicate sensibly and discover hidden meanings and aesthetic connections.


Three ways to feel, 'be religious',
embrace a circle or govern actions:

WATER by Air
Spirit / Matter
- Seeing the timeless name of a thing in just about every detail you can drill down into. From the interior dimension you serve up images and realize the place of and for every little thing. Realize immense value in next to nothing.

FIRE by Water
Spirit / Mind
- Subjugate your mind to spiritual purpose. Find the passion behind every thought. Do not mistake the creative imagination for logical possibilities but seek, find and relate to the vision behind every communication. See passion in the law.

EARTH by Water
Mind / Matter
- Extract practical, complete understanding of and for each aspect of the thing you work with. The more you know, the more you understand the bigger pieces. Realize, while not perfect, it's working perfectly. Relax in knowing you know.


Three ways to think, 'be political',
look 'from a distance' or be cultured:

AIR by Earth
Spirit * Matter
- Combine inspiration with hard fact, notice the quality of every detail, become a judge or celebrity, dress for success and play a role. Believe your ways are best, go out and shine and enlighten them.

WATER by Air
Matter * Emotion
- Puzzle out how you get the most from everything in your domain. Research what happens when you combine things 'just so'. Keep facts and feeling in close and detached balance, keep dissolving rock, feed on and share your deepest insights.

FIRE by Air
Spirit / Emotion
- Have a religious rapture, see or make up intent in and for the tiniest connection, proselytize according to your faith, evangelize, get lucky, find new belief systems and images for ever smaller sets of inner behaviors and connections.


Three ways to experience, 'be scientific',
judge 'elevation' or be social:

EARTH by Fire
Mind / Emotion
- Make up laws. Think about your feelings. Analyze them kindly, and relate to them as equals. Declare your insights to be unique. Use them to move yourself into authenticity. Understand in which ways politics controls religion.

AIR of Earth
Mind^2 / Spirit
- Perform a detailed analysis of why you see things one way or another. Analyze art for utility. Control the fickle spirit with your dogma. Control impulses and establish yourself as an authority. Find out how you squeeze reason from imagination.

WATER of Earth
Spirit / Emotion^2
- From your place of greatest vulnerable ambiguity notice and grow an awareness of eternal archetypes at work. Imagine a raindrop. Study addiction, see the precursors of passion in people's confusion and your own.



Get Creative!
think about signs as 'processes'
signs as arising from an elemental interplay 'elsewhere'
relate your own understanding of a sign to the elements
material to the about the signs and relate it to these formulas.

Here is a visual reference to what I've outlined above.

The Tetraktys


if its all relative, then where do the elements come from?
if you print and fold the above diagram, i'd say " the elements, represented by the points 'arise' and form their planes by the grace of the volume they get to fill".

In the process of the above tet filling itself with space, substance, the edges arise representing the force relation 'inside' of that 'unit', holon, or atom of whever quintessence we're modelling. The Edges however bear pondering for a moment.

Edges are intrinsically intersections between planes and as such they more or less belong to both planes simultaneously. Its in this way that we get 12 combinations from 6 edges and their dual-owners.

The twelve edge/owner combinations labeled with the signs of the zodiac 'produce' two different elements at the same time. I call this "Dual Results" thing 'the mechanism of intuition.

At the same time that the edges have two owners, they have two points to connect. This is "Dual Causation". You know it as 'taking two to tango'.

This 'two planes and two points' thing is universal and a lot more useful than the next level of reduction at which you consider simple opposites, more or less by regarding the actual structure of 'conflict' as its already built into ordinary reality.

This, incidentally is/was the point of sacred geometry. Without the Formulas and insights delivered by algebra and the age of enlightenment, we'd have a hard time cracking the code of what they were trying to tell us with the limited modeling possible at the time.

I'm getting a far deeper interpretations of the 'interplanetary relations' in a chart by noting which elements the signs they rule, which elements the signs they are in, are made of. By considering the nature of the signs 'created' by relations I can narrow down the scope of what I'm thinking about to domains that make sense.

And for me, there had to be a 'so below' model of the zodiac. I looked around, found none. 16 years later I found it disguised as Ohm's law.

Michael Ax
Mar 8th 2006







Think different!
There's a holy order to it all,
Call and lets look at what's going on!

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