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Brainwave Synchronization & Meditation Tracks for Self-Encountering

Wikipedia's article on Brainwaves has some good stuff and will point out debates about the notions behind the technology. Please go and inform yourself. Then do the same for Meditation. If you can then think of these tracks as 'meditative aids' and are open to considering some of the notions that come up in Google under meditation and brainwaves then please accept these tracks as a gift and tool for exploration.

These tracks won't mess with your mind! They are designed to make a space for it, clear it, nourish and balance it!

Use them with open or closed eyes, in any way that you like. Just please do not drive with any of them, and do not play them too loud. All but DeepAlpha can be used for hours on end.. Just please make sure your head does not explode!

The tracks are intended for use with headphones and you want to turn your attention to the space between your ears.

If you have arythmia, a heart-condition or are prone to seizures then do not touch this stuff without supervision! Use them at your own risk! Downloading means you understand this!

Green Tara Mantra
His Holiness the Dalai Lama chanting the Green Tara Mantra [google]
A six layer 3.5 minute track, 2,409,058 Bytes, Yes, I asked for permission.
Want to forget the mind, clear a space, grok compassion? Start here.
A mind-altering remix, prime ingredients, state of the art concepts.
Its the Dalai Lama. Blast it over speakers to clear a space.

7 octaves of brainwave stimulation across all 4 bands.
Loose a funk, clear your field, energize, tune in anywhere, anytime.
Really truly pushes the limits of what you can do in mp3 over headphones.
I use this one while driving, but I'm telling you not to, ok?
2 minutes. 1,761,790 Bytes.

A stark no-nonsense alpha blend.
Please restrict your self to 30 mins over headphones with DeepAlpha.
This is a very stark track and you can mess up your hearing with this one.
Its an 'extreme' style. Breathe! Pay attention inwards. 10 mins is great.
2 minutes. 2,303,779 Bytes.

Use to sleep deeply and/or when in transit across time-zones.
Multi-layer delta w theta for dreaming, processing or body-access.
You can go to sleep with this one and have your headphones on all night.
Its mixed on low volume so you can find the perfect setting.
5 minutes. 4,775,407 Bytes.

Use them at your own risk! Seriously!

Meditation is serious business. If you don't know how to keep the puppy on the paper, please start somewhere else and get a person to give you instructions and sit with you until you get some facility with your energy system before you start using my tracks.

The point is, these are 'my' tracks. I use them. I sell them. I even teach and can help you with 500+ err, just kidding, more like 120+ techniques, hints and insights.

I use this stuff more or less daily since 1984, have a considerable body of custom software to perform voice spectrum analysis and tune tracks specifically to your voice-resonance patterns.

As you can experience with the simple binaural voice techniques used in the Green Tara Track, sound-immersion can help one to relax profoundly; When the technique is stepped up a level and its done in your own voice, reports of far-our experiences as dismissed by critics of the field (wikipedia,above) are quite common.

I have stock patterns on CD and make a range of custom disks and customized Voice mixes. Ask! I love this stuff and if I have the time I'll work with to personalize 'get-away' disks.

Anyhows... the tracks on this page are FREE FOR PERSONAL USE. They are released under the GPL