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Michael Ax
Consulting Astrologer

Claim Your Powers from The Forces of Nature.


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About Michael Ax:

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Michael is a student of Zoltan Mason's and developed Integral Astrology to bridge the reading of the physical, psychological, intellectual and conceptual worlds from the foundations learned as AstroSynthesis about 20 years ago.

Michael offers integral/alchemical insight into charts, energies, processes and timing. He explores your perspectives and options in and on life with you and can act as your tour-guide through a rare depth of understanding and attention.

Says Alan Oken.. the full quote is: "He is quite the thinker and sincere esotericist. I do think that the man is quite interesting and knows his astrology."

If you're curious about your astrologer,
take a look at Michael's chart, astroflow, photos

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Michael's Background:

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03/06: I've yet to start putting these bullets into words..

santa rosa
software development
Past-Life Projects: href.com


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Contacting Michael Ax:

Michael Ax
Integral Family Astrology of Santa Fe

phone: (505) 349-8207
skype: callto://michaelax
email: ax@sonic.net

My Office is at:
109 Romero Street
Santa Fe, NM  87501

On your way to "The Ark" Bookshop. (map)


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Michael's Services:

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I do many kinds of charts each day and in all of them there is a unity. Once I've found and explored this unity by myself or with the client, the tensions and flows of the chart and situation take us to where we need to go in a consultation. In speaking with you, your needs ultimately determine what we need to do, and I let my experience and intuition guide us through the Astro-Logical message of the session.

Ideally, we develop a relationship by working on a mutually useful language together. We might do 2..3 90 minute sessions just to walk through your life in charts, as we get to know each other.

From this foundation of having reconciled the stories of the many angles offered by astrology, we will gain an understanding of how to speak to one-another about the actualities of you getting what you want out of life.

Another way of working together is that you need an opinion on something, and you really don't want to get into any sort of perilous depth, tour-guide or not.

This would be an horary/mundane consultation and I really like doing them for variety's sake. I read mundane charts constantly and can give you opinions that work within even a small budget.

In a way the same is true for relationship charts. I'd like to know your chart a little bit first, but giving you a rough idea of the nature of relationships is not that complicated at all. Astrological assistance with online date selection? It has been done before..

I also love doing plain delineations.. and delineations around a question or point in a chart. Subtly different to start and quite different in outcome, my reliance on time-tested insights and symbolic story development make for reports that explore the quintessential context of your question or chart in an occultly integrated, synthetic manner you won't find elsewhere.

Full delineations can take me days, but I've also developed a way in which to make regular reports from Kepler or Solar-Fire much more readable. Basically, I edit them for you. I prioritize, I annotate, I explain and I give pointers into the reports from having thought my way through your chart first.

I call these 'Upgraded Reports'. They can be done in an hr or two, and if you've never done business with me before, may just be the 'low risk' way to get a whole bunch of pointers out of me straighforwardly. Doing an upgrade does not mean I'm re-delineating things but I'll sort things out and give you some thoughts on what I'd do next.

You'll find links to books that were important to me below. Nothing however was as important as the first hand instructions I've received and which ultimately showed me how to 'think different' when it came to matters of the interior.

Behind what I do is a 'Ray-2', "purple & yellow" energy. We can relate on either level and I invite you to get in touch to explore how we can irradiate your troubles through loving synthesis.

Contact me by skype, phone (505) 349-8207, or email.


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Technique! Oh, wait! I almost forgot to tell you about the Flow-Charting Technique I've developed to tell stories about charts with. Take a look at these samples. They are based on classic alchemical realizations and allow you to see more deeply into the qualities of the points in question.

In my soul-flow-chart, for example, you can see how the moon and jupiter come together through venus in gemini. This is complemented by a venusian overtone, neptune, refined through and inspiring both mars and pluto as they come together in Mercury. Since all these influences blend in mercury on a synthetic degree, you can 'get' the idea that synthesis, analysis and re-integration, are what I'm good at; by the mercury, moon, venus loop/connection you can see that how elemental integration is how i actually do it.

This already tells you 10x more about what you really want to know about me than just looking at my chart would tell you. That is unless you're really solid in the foundations. Then you already see this anyway.

I usually produce these workups as part of a writeup but I can do 'symbolic only' story-telling based on the flows and sabian degrees involved just fine. They make immense sense in Minor Progression too. Ask me about them symbolic charts!


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Michael's Articles:

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Yes, I have them. Lots. Most of them are in utterly horrific shapes as I'm still learning how to write for people. I've managed to master several programming languages in my life and I'm quite serious about polishing and structuring my material so you can actually relate to it.

The articles I hope to redo this year are found at http://sonic.net/~ax/integral and http://sonic.net/~ax/alchemy I'm currently working on a book on the thoughts behind what you find at these locations and I will rework what you see there as the book project unfolds.

Much of my writing from years past is "speaking to and from the fuzzies" as you would do when you're remote-viewing. I have a wealth of unpublished stuff about the esoteric bodies, their care and feeding, from my decade+ of involvement with the Post Reichian Core-Energetics Movement. I 'come from' the Pathwork, trained in core-energetics and the language of energy and that of the body. I 'graduated' The Monroe Institute in 85/'86 and produce and use my own HemiSync-esque work.

I focus on the edge of the human machine... On where volition meets inevitability - inside the scaffold erected by the esotericisms of the world. As best I've been able to approach them, that is.


Also... About that Astrological Research Book of mine

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Writing and pondering too much computer code, spending too much time in trance, meditating while waiting on computers to build and boot, I've learned to 'be here now'. Its an odd place to try to write from, but after 16 years trying, I've come up with a way to think about the fundamentals of the zodiac in such a way that science backs me up. This Tetraktys work of mine is a seriously new and complete thing that's held up to harsh inquiry since '99. Take a look at the larger model too. Print a model, and tape it together so that you have a 3D Tetrahedron. It's full of Aether/Ether/Christ/Nature and on the planes you have the specialized action of the elements. Along the 12 'half-edges' you'll see how I applied the signs.

I don't think I have any ultimate answers, but I suspect I've managed to say something that even Pythagoras would have know.. but which he would have had no way of formulizing back then as the laws of electricity would not be discovered for roughly two thousand years after his death. As for now, the insights I've gathered from my own life, my study of Jung, of the Mysteries, all that 'stuff' I was confused or perplexed by for many years, they've come together for me in the elemental delineations of an electrified alchemy.

"As above, so below" has always needed an inner-space equivalent for the zodiac and I see the innermost platonic solid, when explained electrically to serve that function. I'm strongly suspecting that I might be able to tell a good story about the YHVH based on the expansion of these networks of equation .. simply because the icosahedron already has all the same qualities as Maxwell's DC equations. As is, the order of the 5 platonic solids already spells out the YHVH riddles.

Around the turn of the 19th/20th Century the notion of Ether was last thrown out, and with it the possibility of thinking scientifically, at least in the way that a software engineer would, about 'space'. When you put space back into the theory and your pedagogical models, I think you reclaim the ability to talk sensibly about the mystic's one thing.


Also... The Sabian Art Project

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Besides a book on the identity of electrical and esoteric laws, I'm working on a book of illustration based on the Sabian Symbols. SabianArt.com Sample degrees: 18, 19, 20 & 21

Lyle van Loon, the local artist doing the illustrations, and I discuss and 'think about' the intention we find shared by Rudhyar, Goldsmith, Jones, et al, drawn from my collection of books on the degrees. This process gives us iconic, 'glpyhic' scenes which speak a thousand words in the blink of an eye.

Its quite a magical project and we aim to be releasing the book by '07. The plan is to make rights to the 'sabian pictograms' available to astrologers in the community. We're not complete yet, but if you wish to use them in your work now, let us know. The samples are at SabianArt.com


Also... Might I reveal

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I'm a western only astrologer. There's not enough psychology in the vedic/mayan/apocalyptic traditions for me to use them much. I do use the siderial zodiac from time to time, but I really try to restrict myself to the interior of our solar system in my speculations and thought when I do.

All this means that as far as I'm concerned OUR ZODIAC is restarting on around 0:05am June 6th, 2010 (in santa fe). Under most auspicious symbols and circumstances.

I'm not into Mayan or other stories which have this date figured as +/- 3 years tops. I'm pretty sure that would be within the margin of error on ancient astronomical observations.

Looked at from a Western Perspective, we're approaching 'our own restart' as signified by a Moon/Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction on 0 degrees aries within minutes of Jupiter crossing that threshold.

Moon/Jupiter/Uranus is a very potent positive combo anywhere else. On 0Aries 0..15 minutes, it becomes symbolic dynamite. On the coundown past 2012, mark the only point that actually looks remotely like a legitimate restart from what I know of 'western tradition'.

There's not a lot you can do to escape the deepening religious cazes, but I suppose studying the time around the the 2010 chart in the context of our Uranus/Jupiter/Moon clock's reset being 'just' the tipping point. So.. hang in there ;)















(C) Copyright 1995..2006, Michael Ax, ax@sonic.net









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