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The internal algebra of the signs of the Zodiac

aka No-thing's changed, except how we can hold it

Restoring the science of sciences to its rightful place in the world is tough job.
Lucky for you, I've worked out the foundation on how to express its wisdom in terms
of algebra and electricity so that .. if all goes well .. the mainstream will have
no reason to look at us inner-directed folkd in funny ways much longer!
quite the opposite in fact..

What was lost in the transcriptions of transcriptions has been restored. [*]
Below you will see an arrangement of the zodiac in which the seasons are the
true drivers of the art and where elements evolve simultaneuosly and with each
other's help.

Rather than reducing the world to 2 qualities at odds with each other, we respect
the fundamental four fold nature of the world and use the dominant electric paradigm
to shed new light into the true nature of what was hidden in mythology and by arcane

Feel free to model the zodiac using the other fundamental forces. I chose electricity
because of the obvious similarities to the elements and the ease with which a qualitative
reading of the formulas gives you rational access to pretty much all the internal mysteries
I've had to understand to get here. Maxwell's equations would be better, but they are much
harder. Besides, Maxwell incorporates time and for our purposes here we can leave that out.

The words are still evolving, more explanatory text and editing is certainly required
yet the fundamental formulaic attributions would seem to beautifully enhance one's
understanding of the classic works of the past. I hope you enjoy attempting to shoot
this down as much as I have. .. and if you can't, well.. help me get the word out.

'Ether' inside

The Tetrahedron is also known as the Philosopher's Stone. Implicit in the structure is the realization that duality is a transient phenomena and a temporary problem of perception. The laws of DC-Electicity can be read from it directly and are applied to re-generate the zodiac below. As far as I know, this is the simplest non-mystical physical model of esotericism. Reason with analogies, not metaphors!

Aquarius: Jan 20th

Fixed Air aka Airy-Earth = Dry Earth = Air^2 / Fire-Seed == Forced Reason over Passion Op: Multiplication Quest: Water (control illumination) I know altruism. Originality, Inspiration, Repression

Capricorn: Dec 22nd

Cardinal Earth aka Earth (by essence of Air) = (wet) Earth = Air / Water == Reason over Emotion Op: Fermentation Quest: Fire (control insight) I use honor. Organization, Martyrdom, Idealism

Sagittarius: Nov 23rd

Mutable Fire aka Fire-Air = Hot Air = Fire * Earth-Seed (SqRoot of) == amplify Passion with Facts Op: Incineration Quest: Water (rationalize wisdom) I see aspiration. Devotion, Exploration, Illumination

Scorpio: Oct 24th

Fixed Water aka (cold) Water-Air = Cold Air = Earth-Seed * Water == amplify Facts with Feeling Op: Separation Quest: Fire (rationalize sensing) I desire secret forces. Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Attainment

Pisces: Feb 19th

Mutable Water aka (hot)Water-Earth = Hot Earth = Fire-Seed / Water^2 == Passion over forced Emotion Op: Projection Quest: Air (control understanding) I experience the super-physical. Truth, Self-Sacrifice, Vicitudes


Starts when the Fire has burned out. Control Saturn - Nocturnal Earth Saturn - Diurnal Air Jupiter - Diurnal Water Seed-Earth in Sag & Sco is internal and subtle Earth in Ari, Tau, Can & Vis is concrete & external


Starts when the Earth has become conscious. Rationalize Venus - Nocturnal Air Mars - Supporting Water Jupiter - Supporting Fire Seed-Air in Vir & Leo is internal and subtle Air in Cap, Aqu, Ari & Gem is concrete & external

Libra: Sep 23rd

Cardinal Air aka Air (by essence of Water) = Wet Air = Fire / Water == Passion over Emotion Op: Sublimation Quest: Earth (rationalize presentation) I balance partnerships. Policy, Independence, Expiation

Aries: Mar 21st

Cardinal Fire aka Fire (by essence of Earth) = Dry Fire = Air^2 / Earth == Forced Mind over Facts Op: Calcination Quest: Water (generate activity) I am self-asseriveness. Activity, Exaltation, Propaganda


Starts when Feelings have been integrated Generate Mars - Nocturnal Fire Venus - Supporting Earth Mercury - Supporting Air Seed-Fire in Aqu & Pis is internal and subtle Fire in Can, Leo, Lib & Sag is concrete & external


Starts when Mind relaxes its domination Experience Moon - Nocturnal Water Sun - Diurnal Fire Mercury - Diurnal Earth Seed-Water in Tau & Gem is internal and subtle Water in Lib, Sco, Cap & Pis is concrete & external

Virgo: Aug 24th

Mutable Earth aka Earth-Water = Cold Water = Air-Seed / Earth == Reason over Facts Op: Distillation Quest: Spirit (experience details) I analyse discrimination. Achievement, Experience, Renunciation

Taurus: Apr 21st

Fixed Earth aka Earth-Fire = Cold Fire = Earth * Water-Seed^2 == amplify Facts with forced Emotion Op: Congelation Quest: Air (generate structure) I have determination. Determination, Struggle, Mastery

Gemini: May 22nd

Mutable Air aka (wet) Air-Fire = Wet Fire = Air * Water-Seed == amplify Mind with Emotion Op: Fixation Quest: Earth (generate perspectives) I think versatility. Intuition, Fidelity, Reason

Cancer: Jun 22nd

Cardinal Water aka Water (by essence of Fire) = Hot Water = Fire / Earth (SqRoot of) == Passion over Facts Op: Dissolution Quest: Air (experience meaning) I feel at home. Moods, Revelation, Research

Leo: Jul 23rd

Fixed Fire aka Fire-Water = Dry Water = Fire / Air-Seed == Passion over Reason Op: Digestion Quest: Earth (experience life) I will affection. Rulership, Reformation, Ambition

Fixed Air, Cardinal Earth, etc etc:
If you don't know what this is, then, umm, this page is not really meant for you just yet. You're welcome to read and be confused, but unless you can spot the mutable cardinality in my writing, I'm simply not ready for you, not _yet.
aka Airy-Earth, Fiery-Air, etc etc:
Now we're looking at the good stuff! There's 4 elements and 4x4 elements make 16. 4 of those 16 are so pure, that they simply do not manifest in the circle. Not until they get mixed do the elements actually come down into the manifest realms. Philosopher's got confused about this in the past, but take it from me, Fire-Fire, Air-Air, Water-Water, Earth-Earth are the elephants holding up the world and they are waaaaay too busy playing soccer to hang out with us mortals! Thus all we get, as plato observed is the slightly used stuff in the cardinal signs.
aka Earth (by essence of Air), Air (by essence of Water), etc etc:
Now the secret is out! Newsflash! The intelligence and degree of refinement of the elements starts at zero at the cardinal points. No arguing with an Aries, is there? Through Sol's motion the elements refine themselves in the decans and after nine such steps, when the season is almost over, all that remains is the essence of a quadrant's element! So instead of the wisest souls beeing really really really dry, they are posessed of essence of water. If they were dry, they would crumble. So now you know the secret of the season and the whole seed-business below will make sense to you.
=Cold Air, (wet) Earth etc, etc:
I'm not a huge fan of the qualities yet as they represent the apex of what you can possibly do with orthogonal dualities I don't mind having them around. they are historically significant, highly meaningful to many people and in the line with the elements you have my quick and dirty spin on how I would assign them as attributes for the phase of the element evolving in that quadrant. I'm using them in context of the quadrant to aid the definition of an element, not in pairs as they'd usually be used. I hope this does not offend you too deeply.
= Air^2 / Fire-Seed, Fire * Earth-Seed (SqRoot of), etc etc:
This would be my algebra(*). Don't read this by the numbers yet. I'm not saying you can't but that I owe you some work on QUML (something I'm inventing and refining so that we can get to real 'artifical' intelligence and a decent way of relating arbitrary scales of interpretation), look instead at the nature of the formulas:
Multiplication tends to mean amplification.
^2 tends to mean.. uh, forced. and if not forced, then neurotically amplified, but lets not tell pisces or aries that. Aqu already knows how its multiplying so you can tell it about the ^2. With Taurus, well, lets not call em neurotic, lets just ask em to count how many flowers and seeds they have going simultaneously this week.
Division.. hmm, well, I can't explain that. When you're the element on the bottom of the division sign it might mean that something is diminished, it might mean that you use less of it to get more of the sign's element, it might mean that something is following the lead of whatever is on top, it may mean evasion. When you're on top in the division, you're liable to overdo it. Too much visualizing in Cancer, too much mental force in Aries.. you get the picture?
(SqRoot of) for Cancer and Sag written below the formulas means I ran out of space on that line. Operationally the SqRoot means that Sag won't incinerate the earth and that Cancer won't go nuts creatively. It puts some limits on the actions of Jupiter in those signs. Not that the big guy minds.
(*)'My' Algebra:
Its actually the algebra of Mr's Ohm and Ampere. I call them the Heaven and Earth guys. I'm not sure who is which, but they each came up with multiplicative formula, which, when you combine them in the ways of electricians, just happen to work out to the 12 formulas I am presenting here. These formulas are APPROXIMATIONS! They simplify and anticipate the far more comprehensive stuff modelled by one Mr. MaxWell, but his Quaternion work would require that we deal with a lot more cosmology than is modelled in the zodiac. Thus, being concerned with making a bridge for astrology to enter modernity, I'm leaving that heavy duty lifting to real math people who can actually explain MaxWell and Quaternions to you. These guys just awe me!
== Forced Reason over Passion, == Reason over Emotion, etc etc:
Well.. If you actually read what I wrote above then you already recognize this to be a quick an dirty formulaic delineation of the formulas in that box.
Name of the alchemical operation pertaining to the sign and hopefully elucidated for you by the formulas they are with.. Leo, Digestion (of all things!) would appear to be the generation of life-charged water (fiery-water) by the assimilation of reason into spirit. This, the enlightened reveal to be the point of life.. that we're here to report and integrate our conscious experiences back into the abstract and infinite spirit. This definition of the point of life is a bit more ambitious than pondering how the life-force and heat in your stomach breaks down the electrical voltage bonds holding together the molecules in your food, but either analogy 'holds water' i feel. And you did know that the sun was liquid, yes?
Yep, each sign has a quest. what would be the point of a sign if there wasn't one? signs and alchemical operations don't just exist in a vacuum, they are good-for-something. the quest tells you what makes 'em tick. And fancy this.. Without Mr Jung's work on inferior functions teaching me how to thing about things that arn't there I could never have gotten anywhere with my attributions of the formulas.
Each formula defines a triangle. Two things make a third. They do so in the absence of a fourth. This missing fourth is the item being quested. Leo and Libra for example loooooove wealth. So they may hang out for a while and make a classic couple. It won't last however unless Libra and her diminishment of Water is somehow balanced in a person, but as far as archetypal story-telling of love and lust and social-climbing goes, these two formulas will give you plenty. Gemini will of course stand by and give you the details on that pair as its sharing the same drive for materiality and 'facts' will do it fine.
spot the other classic couples and their supporters and tattle-tales by looking at the signs in terms of their shared quests.
() the words in brackets are quick and dirrty definitions of the signs themselves placed under the quest to highlight the axis along which the sign operates.
I verb noun.
Evocative bad english to repeat and summarize a personal meaning for the operation of the sign. Scorpio for example.. desire==water, earth-seed==secret, multiplication==forces. You got to read the algebra qualitatively to get the hang of this; Lets try Taurus... water-seed==deep-desire, squared== turns it into 'unbreakable conviction', earth== i have. can you see why you don't want to get into their way?
The three words below are three levels of manifestation (not in sequential order) as per Zain.
Internal. ok, if not 'internal' then at least 'fundamental'. They are not like Quests, rather they are core talents or assets used, mastered and identified with. Other elements might change, but you'll not really get anyone to change their seed-specialization lines into other ones. Leo's going to have his predjudice and there's nothing you can do. Virgo may change methods, but their methodology defines them. Sag knows his three facts and don't you try to tell them otherwise. Same with all the others. Support the seed-elements and make a friend. resonate with the quests as well and you'll be special.
Presenting the rulers in sequence with their classic roles and grouped by season reveals an interresting angle about male and female cooperation that is difficult to appreciate in Morin's normal layout. Look closely. The male seasons contain the supporters of the female seasons, not the other other way around! In this way astrology reveals yet more forward looking and sensible attitudes about cooperation in and between realms, worlds and cosms of all sizes.

I have some more material about the elements which is presented in Ken Wilber's arrangement of the quadrants. His system is unfortunately not as obviously cardinal as astrology and alchemy but the work he's done to integrate the work and philosophers of the past into a framework that is generically compatible with the wisdom of our art is quite fabulous and worthy of great consideration.

The main drive in my work is to "Put the Eye of Horus", "The Philosopher's Stone", "The Guardians of Christ" back on the map, so it can spin again on top of the pyramid. That's about as esoteric as I want to get about this. Exoterically I trust that the "Age of Enlightenment" which focused on "objective between-ness" is giving way to the "Age of Integration" in which we can give equal value to "subjective inside-ness". Here I'll be happy to leave you with the idea that the Zodiac can be derived without metaphor.

Anyhow, while presented in Wilber's arrangement, you might like to look at: The Receipes to integrate elements. The All Quandrant Lens for idea-generation. The Reference Card for interpretation ideas. The Formula Summary might also help. [up] and back to Alchemy, or [over] to Integral 'stuff' where I'm attempting to remind folks about how profound the tetrahedron behind all the mysteries really is.

Oh! One more thing... a very common mistake is to attempt to explain the heavenly in terms of the earthly. Please try to learn to spot it! When you do, you can use the Star-Tetrahedron to derive Taoism, Buddhism, Kabbala, etc. I get into that a little bit over on the integral pages.

A funny thing of course is that we can't have "the vortex atom" source the world's cosmologies while at the same time hard scientists beat on "the incompressible thing" with dichotomies. Something's going to give. Guess which side's going to loose?

Another thing to notice is that "One Nation under God" is another way of saying "the three are one and that one stands above", which is the tetrahedronal formula all over again. As that's all hidden in plain sight and easily discernable with integrated reasoning it would kind-of be nice if more of us would kindly learn to see past the clouds. The tetrahedron allows us to drop metaphor from our thinking as it properly models containment as well as our non-dual reality. It might even make a nicer totem than the $-sign.

Thanks for pondering! Credits to the brilliant intuitives who unrolled the double-tetrahedron into a circle, to my teacher, Zoltan Mason, his teachers and these other great people: Ken Gillman, Morin de Villefranche, William Lilly, Dane Rudhyar, C.C. Zain, Carl Gustav Jung, Georg Simon Ohm & André Marie Ampere. Zoltan always said I'd do synthesis. I think this is what he meant. Thanks!