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My work and intent is to remove transcription errors from the science of sciences. I'm a software engineer and have been practicing astrology for 20 years. Over time I became so annoyed at the art that I re-expressed its nature in terms of electromagnetism. It works much better now ;)

There are four fundamental forces, four building blocks of life, four noble truths.

These four make 16 elements and manifest in 12 combinations as the Zodiac. These are not the houses. Nor are they the principle of the Oroborus. The 12 operations of the zodiac are the foundation of the inner art of alchemy to which the rest of this site is dedicated. I'll deal with the earthly stuff some other time ;)


The Cube of Space,
The Rift between Spirit and Science

Alchemy's great work, the work of integration, that of self, self with the world and the recognition of the world as an integrated rational yet mysterious whole, well, its rebirthing itself anew.

It looks to me like the intellectuals are grounding the foundations for the experience of 'powering up' this preacher is talking about. That's (POWER as in FIRE) or (SOURCE as in UP). As in 'Visually Lucid Imagery and Passionate Involvement of the whole System'. (That was the first example I ran into, if you want to collect me a bunch of reports from other traditions, like Rapture, Void, Unitive, Full-System etc, that's fine, I'll link it.)

Integrating the world

Asking if this leap to a higher rational order can be established without integrating the wisdom of the past through rationalization and rational extension has always seemed like a very strange thing to do for me. Especially now, when it seems that the volume and inner coherence of much the spiritual material is fascinating intellectuals again. I attribute much of this to how 3D has become a household thing as even extroverts can enjoy 'simulations', albeit on a screen. Anyhow I find the development of thought about the mysteries fascinating.

This is what I've learned so far:

 Fire = Earth * Water^2             FINALLY! BIG GRID
 Fire = Air^2 / Earth       
 Fire = Air * Water                     NEW! THE 4 QUADRANT LENS - ANALYSIS GRID
 Air = Earth * Water                    NEW! THE 4 QUADRANT CHEAT SHEET
 Air = SqRoot of (Fire * Earth)              TYPOLOGY CHEAT SHEET
 Air = Fire / Water                     NEW! FORMULA SUMMARY CHART     
 Water = Air / Earth                         QUICK GRID
 Water = SqRoot of ( Fire / Earth )         
 Water = Fire / Air               
 Earth = Air / Water               
 Earth = Fire / Water^2           
 Earth = Air^2 / Fire             
On this side of my site you have a hard-core look at the gears and workings inside of astrology. I've done a standard grid delineation of the permutations of 2 creating 3 while a 4th arises. Thereby walking us through INRI, YHVH, TORA, TARO, ROTA, ROSE, EROS and other puzzles of that ilk, all at once.

In 'new' language, 'The Unnamable One' is an 'up and down' Holon. everything 'About That' is the Holarchy. for relational language, refer to Wilber, for everything else, there's Alchemy.
'they' don't call it tetragrammaton for nuth'n:

To save one even more time, I've replaced the geometrical thinking of the past with the algebra of your flashlight. Ohm's law is all we need to relate the realms as they are most often refered to, so I'm reducing things to that before expanding them again.

Far from being a relic or artifact, the engineering inside the zodiac promises (me) to be a path toward rationalizing the field of artificial intelligence, produce a qualitative universal markup language (QUML), reconcile all perspectives, serve as the foundation for a world-wide-wisdom engine and deliver the totem of a unified world -- all at the same time.


   Here are the first few generations of my work on a synthesis between astrology and electricity. Its a work in progress but I'm so convinced that the three other people who can read the symbols conversationally would already know this, that I'm moving from bolts to context. So that one can use and extend the old into the modern meme I'm starting to document some of the blatant overlaps over on http://sonic.net/~ax/integral.

But if you've studied the mysteries, you may well want to poke around through these pages too. The v01 has some cool grids and might give us something to argue about ;) Enjoy!

a top level orientation in a way
works up to describing an integrative open-eye visualization practice

inital notes and charts from 1999
initial functional html version from 2003
2004 drafts of intro, getting to 'for geeks' mode.
this is the larger pattern i explore the quadrants in over at integral alchemically, here, we'll delineate 2D and then the cube.
fun with trigrams
programs: Toy Spinner

PURPOSE OF THIS WORK: To integrate the workings of the zodiac so that it can be seen as extending, supporting and anticipating modern thought. If anything I claim that the laws of Ohm make a good very approximation for what we find in astrological lore relating to the Zodiax. Behind the simple DC and later the more complex AC operations however lies hidden the marvelous world of "PHYSICAL SPACE AS A QUATERNION STRUCTURE". There'a a paper giving you all the key words here. I think this stuff would have been sooooo waaaaaay beyond what the ancients could capture in words that we can safely ignore this advanced stuff about time until we can walk with basic formulas.

Keep in mind that the wilber quadrants work fire/air/water/earth, the wheel uses air/fire/water/earth and astrology uses earth/air/fire/water. I've discussed elsewhere how to adjust wilber's conceptions of emotion and reason to the classical model

The entirety of this work is released under the GPL. If you need a different license, let me know. The particular formulaic attributions, the synthesis work, individual drafts and the collection of works is (C) Copyright 1999..2005 Michael Ax, All other rights reserved.

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